Animal Behaviour

Do you have an behavioural problem with your animal?

Do you have an animal or a pet that shows unwanted behaviour?

Does your animal exhibit recurringly mis-behaviour?

Find out if an emotional problem is causing this recurring unwanted behaviour, which is again causing stress around the animal. Or does the animal need de-sensitisation in a particular area?

What problem do you have with your animal?

Mis-behaviour in animals is an expression of

1 or more negative emotion.


When these dark emotions are gone, the unwanted behaviour is gone.

When you have a behavioural problem with your animal, you know your animal is suffering.

To end that and to release your animal, are your primary reasons that you book your session.

That is exactly what we do here, we give the opportunity to take away these emotions, let the animal get rid of them, healed of  hem.

So that the behaviour can change it to how you want it to be.

What undesirable actions does the animal show?


Whether your animal has come to you with these behavioural problems or these have developed over a long period of time,
In any case, one thing is clear,

for the animal it means emotional stress and every time anew and constant great effort.

These unwanted behaviours are always present.

They all have a common denominator;
they are a persistent disruption for everyone involved. Whether owner or family, children, friends, as rider or carer.

This includes the behaviour problems that
are not only “annoying” from an individual point of view.

Because above all, these for us unwanted reactions represent a deep and constant suffering of your animal and pet.

And here YOU have the possibility to BRING CHANGES..

There are so many different behaviour problems in animals;
Here is a very well-known example and many have experienced it themselves.
The excessive vocalizations like the barking dog or the screaming bird.
If your animal exhibits such behavioural problems, it is not only you who have a problem.
But that also affects many others. On the family, the children and daily life, as well as it puts the patience of every neighbour and that of your friends to the test and a constantly barking dog has annoyed many people for years.
Apart from constantly feeling compelled to apologize for the animal, it can feel embarrassing and powerless that you are not in control of your animal.

Other undesirable behaviours are, for example. eating quickly or continuously, this emotionally triggered behaviour problem can be harmful to the body and quickly lead to physical suffering and that too can lead to high veterinary bills.

Unwanted behaviour, such as uncontrollable running reflex due to loud noises can lead to injuries.

And a biting animal can pose a threat even to children and adults.

Kicking, cage walking, destroying, escaping, pulling, biting, defending…
What undesirable behaviour does your animal show?
Whatever it is, whatever the trigger, whatever the cause of the intense behaviour is, with
this Animal Hypnosis you can NOW address any faulty behaviour or unwanted habit of your animal during this session.

Your animal has not fully recovered from a traumatic experience.
Your pet is showing signs of depression.
Your animal is afraid, aggressive, nervous, desperate, panicking …
You can address any emotional problem your pet has.

Your pet is afraid of the vet,
that makes medical care a constant struggle?
What behaviour would you like to have changed in your animal or pet?

Begging or stealing, depressive behaviour, destructive anger, addictive behaviour, auto-aggression or auto-mutilization such as pulling a pen, extreme fear and shyness, hyperactivity and lack of concentration or impulse control?
What behaviour problem you have with your animal or pet,
this Animal Hypnosis offers you the opportunity to bring about change.

For yourself and for your animal.



This session can address behaviour problems and trauma,
as well as physical and medical questions you have with your animals.

If the undesirable behaviour of emotional origin is connected to physical causes, the resulting physical problems or diseases in animals can have a strong financial impact. The way to the vet is in most cases associated with direct costs and possible ongoing costs.

Owners and vets will contact me,  before proceeding with the investment of more expensive treatment for the animal. Find out about possible shortcomings and preferences from the animal. So you can act directly and future-oriented. Receive the health status of your animal. You can use this Animal Hypnosis and save costs. Visits to the vet, constant treatments and operations are not only cost-intensive, but also primarily pose

a physical and emotional burden on the animal.
With this Animal Hypnosis you help your animal

NOW you can let your animal feel relaxed and at ease.

NOW you can fully enjoy the time together with your animal.

NOW you can take part and feel the chynges happen.

All animals and pets; like cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, llama, donkeys, sheep…
Competitive animals; like horses, camels, dogs, birds…
Animals in institutions; like zoos, oceanographicos, animal shelters…

This Animal Hypnosis is designed to provide the ability to cast whatever is causing undesirable behaviours. So that you and everyone can enjoy a relaxed, cheerfull and carefree time with your animal, your buddy, your friend, your sports companion to the fullest.


This Animal Hypnosis can be your solution!