Animal Harmonizing

Do you have more than one animal

but some of the animals just dont get along?

Or a human and an animal and they just don’t get along and it is a persisting problem?

Whatever you do, whatever you say and whatever measures you imply,

they keep fighting or rowing?

You are constantly interfering but it never stop?

Then this Animal Hypnosis offers you to find out why it is and what it needs, to bring a solution.

How strongly is it effecting your daily life?

It is a continuous battle?

That outrages behaviour is having a negative effect on  your other animals. They are effected by it, even scared too. Because of it there is always an atmosphere in your place. It has an effect on you and your family.

It spoils the time friends and visitors coming around. They cannot bring their animal because of it either?

You have to be constantly on the look out?

You may even have to separate them?

This is not meant to be the way to be with animals. Here you need to book your session.

Another issue can be that you have newcomers but the other animals will not accept them?

What is your issue? What is your problem with your animals as a group?

Do you want to live in peace and have a relaxed time being together? Do you want to bring harmony?

You want the animal to unite.


All these and more issues can be addressed in this

Animal Hypnosis

This is for you!

This is for all of your family!

To enjoy the time with your animals.

And it is for your animals.

To integrate them.

To unify them.

To create a harmonious being together.

So that you can enjoy fully the time with all of your animals together.