Animal Training

You work together with an animal?

Your animal is trained to do certain assignments?

Training with your animal is for you a continuous duty?


Then you want to book these Quantum Animal Hypnosis trainings sessions.

For every privat person and handler.

Imagine, just imagine constantly training the animal, again and again to do certain tasks

takes a great deal of time and transport and effort and money, and

You can NOW just tell the animal what to do.

Let your animal know.

Have a talk with your animal.

Quantum Animal Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to inform your animal exactly about the duty, about what is wanted, introduce certain orders for example or trigger words, sounds or whatever is needed in the line of duty.

For a better understanding of your demands and a faster implementation.

Talk about the new tasks your animal needs to learn and implement.

Tell your animal what more is expected.


Or is there something that you want your animal to do different?

Would you like a change in behaviour or way of execution?

Here you can address any matter with your animal.


Is there a certain issue your animal has? Find out if an emotional issue evokes that reoccurring unwanted behaviour, which means a stress factor to the animal.

or does the animal need dé-sensibilisation in a specific area?

Get information about why your animal reacts in that certain way and make the changes you need and want to see in your animal..

During this session the animal will perform a body scan and will give you vital information in regards to the health and physical status.

These training sessions are more intensive, more effective and more profound then

no other training.

During the Quantum Animal Hypnosis an imprint takes place.

The Quantum Animal Hypnosis is designed to let you and your animal melt into each other, to let you feel the body of the animal, the being, to let you feel the character, to run with your animal,

to let you strong bond.

This is an extraordinary experience for every person to be

connected to their animal in such an intensity.

Bringing you the most close with your animal ever possible.

When emergencies and dangerous situations are in the line of duty, this strong bond

gives you especially the greatest of advantages to protect, to safe lives.


All the benefits are for you and your animal in the work life and will multiply in your daily life activities.

What did you always wanted to know from your animal?

What did you always wanted to tell your animal?

What are you going to talk about with your animal?

And the animals always want to say something too!

Do you want to know what your animal wants to say to you?

Private and professionals alike can book

this unique session of Quantum Animal Hypnosis.

Are you ready to get to know your animal in this way?

Are you ready for these unique training sessions?

This experience and empirical knowledge which you gain here is described as extraordinary by everyone taking part, who is working together with an animal. 

A work, that requires this indubitable profound trust and this indescribable deep connection.

You will be taken away by the experience of Quantum Animal Hypnosis.

This session is specially developed for animals which serve for


Guiding, Companion, Rescue,

Herding, Guarding, Security…

What job description does your animal have?