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Interview with Maja Brexel about the new way to work with animals.

What is it exactly what you do using your Quantum Animal Hypnosis and how can anyone having animals benefit from your service?

‘What I do, I give animals a voice.

I founded Quantum Animal Hypnosis,

through which I realize a verbal conversation with your animal.

I make animals talk with me in words and you can listen to it.

The sessions are Audio Taped and Transcripted.

Not only do I talk to animals,

I can also realize a conversation with you and your animal.


I do give YOU the UNIQUE opportunity to talk to your animal or pet.

Have a conversation with your animal! What do you want to talk about?

You can ask any question.

What do you want to know from your animal?

And you can listen to what YOUR ANIMAL HAS TO TELL YOU!

NOW, imagine what all is possible!

You can train your animal through my service fast, more intensive, more efficient and more cost effective then any training can.

NOW you can!

I tune sports/competetive animals.

I break down boundaries so

that your animal can become YOUR WINNER.

You will receive information about the health status and medical condition directly from the animal.

You have an animal with trauma or with behavioural issues?

You invested so much and urgently want a breeding success?!”

Using Quantum Animal Hypnosis Healing Technique animals and pets are healed.

This layed the ground stone for MBIFA, the MBrex International Foundation for Animals.

I work with animals in refugees and shelters, sanctuaries… around the globe.

To heal their traumata, to give them back a life worth living.

The most faszinating fact of my Quantum Animal Hypnosis is, that

no animal is ever physically present during the session!

You leave your dog or cat or reptile or horse or bird at home.

And also the Beluga Whale from the Oceanographic Institution is not present.

That gives me the possibility to work worldwide and

NOW this gives you you the opportunity to book the Quantum Animal Hypnosis,

no matter where you are in the world!

During this sessions something very outstanding is happening.

You will imprint with the animal!

Mentally, emotionally and physically.

That is an extraordenary experience!

My Quantum Animal Hypnosis Technique is unique in the world!

Imagine all the advantages animals, pet owners appreciate this service.

Carers, riders, veterinaries, trainers, handlers.

Private animals owners, zoos, research centers, wildlife reserves, Aquatic centers, ….’

Thank you very much for the interview. This Quantum Animal Hypnosis the most amazing thing.

I myself have an animal and I am looking forward to seeing you soon for a session.

Interview from the US Magazine US Mag Club with Maja Brexel.

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