The Price List

Quantum Animal Hypnosis offers you 2 different options.

Option 1: You or someone close to the animal will take part in this unique experience personally (recommended).

That means you come to Altea/Spain or ensure my travel to you.

Option 2: You or someone close to the animal can not take part personally.

That means: The sessions will be executed for you with a surrogate provided. (Price see below.)


All session packages include:

Pre-session preparation

Session 2.5-3 hours

5 Questions per session

Quantum Animal Healing

Behaviour Shift

Body scan


After session follow up

295 Euro per session (excl. IVA)

The cost of the surrogate is 69Euro (excl. IVA)

49 Euro (excl. IVA) Transcript of the session in PDF Format (on your demand only)


50% deposit of the total amount at the time of booking.
The remaining 50% on the day of your Hypnosis.

In case of no-show 100%.

Important additioal information:

After 90 days, 100% of the amount paid is non-refundable, regardless of whether the client has attended the number of sessions paid for.

(All sessions must be completed within a 90 day period).


Travel Information:

Includes all transfers, flights, accommodation, 3x meals per day + a fixed fee of 159Euros for each day that hypnosis does not take place.


Is assumed to be in a high * category


Extra legroom if available Business Class, long haul flights 1st Class.

All travel bookings are done from the client’s side.